Should Miami Heat consider paying the NBA luxury tax?

Q: Ira, the Heat are playing a shell game. Entering the tax is not the same as being capped. The Heat can go into tax and spend as much as they want. -Ted.

A: Correct. So yes, they were and remain free to sign a 15th player on a standard contract, with the only penalty being a move to the luxury tax. They would only become capped if they spent more of the mid-tier exception than they gave to Caleb Martin or if they spent the semi-annual exception. But being in the tax creates repercussions down the road, which could prove tricky for the Heat if a major overtime is scheduled for Tyler Herro. The moment for this question came following the 76ers signing of Montrezl Harrell. So at the end of the day, whether it’s the tax or the hard cap, it comes down to the perceived added value of such a list of more. The Heat clearly didn’t feel strong enough for Harrell.

Q: Will Duncan Robinson’s contract remain one of the worst contracts in Heat history? He is the team’s fourth highest paid player. Not only has he lost his starting role, but his production off the bench is so poor that he didn’t play at all in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It is not exchangeable. No team wants him or that bloated contract. – Michael, Cutler Bay.

A: He will get every chance of redemption until his salary can be used in a trade. Some were saying the same about the contracts of Dion Waiters and James Johnson, and those were reversed to acquire Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder on the way to the 2020 NBA Finals. Salary ballast is sometimes a necessary component. So it could come down to the end of the game with his contract.

Q: Do the Heat really believe Caleb Martin is a good replacement for PJ Tucker? – Brian.

A: Do they have a choice? Then again, be frank, at this point, a year ago, was there a lot of groundswell regarding PJ Tucker as the starting striker? Some thought the job might go to Markieff Morris. Erik Spoelstra has excelled in crafting a style of play around his roster composition. It will have to be the case again.