Suns trade candidates entering 2021 NBA training camp

The Phoenix Suns were the surprise of the season last year. With just one trade for Chris Paul, this young team went from lottery struggles to the NBA Finals. Of course, the poor form of other title favorites in the West helped. Los Angeles teams weren’t up to their game and struggled with injuries. Still, that shouldn’t undermine the colossal work the Suns have done in recent years. To successfully complete this job, there are potential Suns business candidates who would fill in the gaping holes in their roster.

The Suns have a good spin in most positions. The guards have been beefed up by adding Landry Shamet, who will be the bench gunner. Cameron Payne will lead the show when Paul is on the bench and will continue to show off his talent. In the small attacking role, Mikal Bridges is the clear starter while Cameron Johnson and Jae Crowder will be behind him. This leaves the power forward and the center positions where the spin is paper thin.

So, the potential business candidates for the Suns must be Wendell Carter Jr and Kevin Love.

Suns Business Candidates

Wendell Carter Jr

The central role is somewhat overlooked in the modern NBA. Apart from Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid and Rudy Gobert, there aren’t many other centers that make the headlines. However, there is still a need for a good rotation there, and the Suns do not have it. Deandre Ayton is the undisputed starter and third star, behind Paul and Booker. It’s also true that they added JaVale McGee over the summer, but they still need big men, due to Dario Saric’s ACL injury.

Wendell Carter Jr would be the better option, given the potential he has and the lack of risk in the deal. Carter was involved in the trade that brought Nikola Vucevic to the Chicago Bulls. He is now entering his final year of contract and will need to play well to secure a newer and better deal. At the moment, it is stagnating and showing the same numbers. However, he played for two lottery teams.

In the Suns, Carter would not only have a change of scenery, but a change of fortunes as well. He would play for an organized team with no internal drama. Plus, playing with Chris Paul has done wonders for crosses in the past. Paul just seems to get the best of them and due to his contractual situation Carter needs them.

The Suns would also only pay him around $ 7 million for this year, and then they might decide to keep him. With Carter, they would get an option in the middle and up front, as he is six foot ten. He has toughness on the inside and is a solid finisher around the basket. For about 20 minutes, a game split between the forward and the center slot, Carter would be an absolute steal for the Suns.

Kevin Amour

Going up 2-0 just to lose 4-2 in the final to the Milwaukee Bucks gave the Suns something they seriously lack – experience. While Paul, Crowder and now McGee are all veterans, they are still a very young team. In addition, before this series, most of these players had not played a minute in the conference final or even in the playoffs. Paul and Crowder had never reached the final before, so it was a valuable experience.

If the Suns want someone to bring that championship-winning experience to the table other than McGee, they should look no further than Kevin Love. Yes, it’s true that Love has had bad seasons in Cleveland, not really playing much for the Cavs. He also had injury issues, of course. However, this does not affect the fact that Love played four finals in a row, from 2015 to 2018. Due to injury, he missed the 2015 NBA Finals, but he was a very contributor. valuable to the Cavs in 2016.

Experience is not the ultimate factor. Obviously, two teams with virtually no playoff experience made it to their respective conference finals. However, some situations simply require some leadership through personal experience. While it is certain that Paul is the vocal leader of this franchise, it was also his first final minutes that he played. Love has been through this a few times in the past and can relate to situations much better.

The Suns don’t need much because they have a great team. However, there are some rotating role players in the frontcourt and experience are what they’re bleeding for right now. It’s unclear when Saric returns and while Crowder may be a four-man, his first replacement would be Frank Kaminsky, which isn’t ideal. With Carter and Love, the Suns are an unquestionably better and more balanced team.

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