TCL announces exciting collaboration with TCL Brand Ambassador Shyla Heal to elevate the #TCLForHer platform and inspire women to redefine greatness

HONG KONG, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TCL Electronics (1070.HK), a major player in the global TV and consumer electronics industry, launches a new phase of its global campaign, #TCLForHer, an ecosystem inspiring standalone where women inspire and encourage women to redefine greatness through the TCL platform.

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TCL believes that unlocking the true potential of every girl and woman will play a vital role in solving many of the global issues we face today and that technology can empower women and drive change.

Thanks to his exciting new collaboration with the rising basketball star and brand ambassador TCL Shyla Healthe leading electronics brand elevates the #TCLForHer campaign and dedicated TCLForHer official website to a wider audience.

TCL Brand Ambassador Shyla Heal Redefines Greatness

Like TCL, Shyla always strives for the highest quality and to inspire greatness. Shyla was voted the 2020 Young Australian Player of the Year and currently plays as a point guard for the Sydney Uni Flames basketball team. She succeeded on her own terms, making her a natural partner for this TCL campaign.

“There is a greatness in being real, my real self, the good, the bad and everything in between. I don’t pretend and don’t need to be someone else. Everyone has their own greatness. You have to be true to yourself. Be real. That’s personal greatness,” said Shyla Heal.

TCL builds momentum to empower women

TCL has a long-standing commitment to promoting the empowerment and personal development of girls and women around the world through a wide variety of initiatives. As a Global Partner of the International Basketball Federation FIBA, TCL was proud to become in 2020 the Global Promotional Partner of FIBA’s “Its World, Its Rules” program to promote women’s and women’s basketball. Through various activities carried out in partnership with national federations around the world, the program has encouraged women and girls to develop their confidence and has also increased the number of female players. TCL is also committed to uplifting young women and supporting their ambitions through the Huameng Foundation, which funds a number of female-focused educational programs and initiatives, including one that empowered 600 young women from disadvantaged families to complete their secondary and higher education.

TCL believes technology can be a great equalizer in our society, with the potential to challenge unfair biases and raise expectations. Stories on the TCLForHer platform reveal the wisdom of women navigating their own paths, how they defy the rules, and showcase the women who have inspired them. TCL will also share stories about women’s courage and resilience in the face of adversity and how they stay true to their goals and values. Women learn from the perspective of others and gain valuable information for self-discovery. Ultimately, #TCLForHer shares women’s passion for redefining greatness.

Redefining greatness for good

TCL has been at the forefront of innovation for decades, delivering quality products and services that improve the way we live and inspire greatness. The company will continue to reinforce its commitment to empowering women and girls around the world through its innovative technology and far-reaching initiatives and campaigns that encompass education, sports and improving all aspects of health. women’s lives. By helping girls and women explore their uniqueness and pursue their passions, TCL empowers them to discover the true version of themselves, understand their true worth, and redefine greatness on their own terms.

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