The Eagles are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL

While the Miami Dolphins fell to 3-1 in a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, the Philadelphia Eagles are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL.

I considered ending the article there. What is there to say? There’s every reason to feel good about the Birds right now. Jalen Hurts plays as the NFL MVP. The defense has tightened. The vibrations are impeccable.

As things stand, the Eagles still have the chance to become the second NFL team to go undefeated en route to winning a championship. The first being the 1972 Dolphins.

The Eagles also have the chance to become the first NFL team to go 17-0 in the regular season, given the addition of an extra game from last year.

Of course, the Eagles accomplishing these feats isn’t a given. There is still a lot of season left. The Birds are 3-0 in what could be their toughest test yet in a home battle against Doug Pederson’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you’re curious about how the last undefeated team typically fare in a given NFL season, Wikipedia actually has an article on that. Here is an overview of the results since 2000:

As you can see, only three teams failed to qualify for the playoffs. 10 teams finished manufacturing the Super Bowl, but only one of them won the big game.

Early signs point to Eagles 2022 season be quite memorable. We will see if they can continue on this path.