The four-time NBA champion says Anthony Edwards has more talent than Dwyane Wade

Two years ago, when discussions centered on the possibility of Anthony Edwards becoming the first choice, he had many doubters. Since then, the budding Minnesota Timberwolves superstar has marked the fourth most points in NBA history before turning 21.

There’s no doubt the arrow is pointing skyward for one of the game’s most exciting players, but how high does Ant’s ceiling reach? Could he be good enough to become the alpha wolf of a championship team? Or is he more likely to settle as the top scorer and nothing else, like many other fun-but-not-exactly-winning players?

Comparing Anthony Edwards to an all-time great

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A four-time NBA champion, specifically Andre Iguodala, recently hopped on the “Point Forward” podcast with Evan Turner and talked about how good he thinks Edwards can get, while comparing him to Dwyane Wade.

Both players are the same listed height, 6ft 4in, and although Edwards has since grown to 6ft 6in, both players have a similar build. But what about their real capacity?

“He has more talent than Dwyane Wade. Will he now realize his talent? That remains to be seen. Anthony Edwards, yeah, man, he got it, man.

Andre Iguodala on Anthony Edwards’ talent level

Not only did Iguodala say he was a huge Edwards fan, but he said Ant had more talent than one of the best fullbacks of all time. It’s a big problem.

While Wade and Edwards have often been compared to each other for their explosiveness, build, and ability to finish, there are a few particular areas where Ant has fallen short so far.

Wade is considered one of the best two-way shooting guards in NBA history. Edwards, although he was spectacular offensively, has already proven to be a better shooter than Wade, defensively there is plenty of room for growth. Still, comparing their raw stats, Edwards matches Wade pretty well in their first two seasons.

The first two seasons of Dwyane Wade (22-23 years old) 20.1 PGP 4.6 RPG 5.6 APG 1.5 GSP 0.8 BPD 29.5% 3PT 47.9% GFE
The first two seasons of Anthony Edwards (19-20 years old) 20.3 PGP 4.7 RPG 3.4 APG 1.3 GAP 0.6 BPD 34.4% 3PT 50.8% GFE
Stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference

Wade was a 13-time NBA All-Star, an eight-time All-NBA Team member, and a three-time All-Defensive Team name. But most importantly, he won three NBA championship trophies, all with the Heat. He created a lasting legacy in Miami that will never be forgotten. Wade is a safe bet to reach the Hall-of-Fame in 2023.

Interestingly enough, Ant is now entering his third season in the NBA, remember what Wade accomplished in his third season? Teaming with Shaquille O’Neal, Wade helped the Miami Heat win an NBA championship, where he also won the Finals MVP.

Edwards, now entering his third year, with Wolves going all-in by adding an All-NBA center in Rudy Gobert, can he achieve similar success? If Iguodala says Ant is as talented as Wade, it could happen.

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Dwyane Wade is also a huge Ant-Man fan

Before you think Dwyane Wade might somehow take offense to one of the next generation of basketball stars being compared to him, check out this February 2021 tweet in response to Edwards sharing insight into his film studies.

Wade then spoke about Edwards on a TNT show in 2021, making it clear that he is keeping tabs on the young wolf.

“I really think he can be a better player than me, he has all the tools. You set the bar so people can jump over that bar and I think he has the talent to be able to jump over the bar that I set. I hope he will. I hope he becomes a much better player than me,” says Dwyane Wade.

It’s nice to hear the players of the past supporting the players of the future, and as Wade said, it’s probably just as refreshing for modern athletes to look to legends, which helps fuel their success today. today. Either way, Edwards has a long way to go if he wants to be mentioned with Wade when all is said and done, but he got off to an incredible start.

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