‘Troel’ Embiid trolls Heat during loss, and NBA Twitter goes wild with him

Joel Embiid loves to troll on social media. As the Celtics pulled away from the Heat in Game 4 on Wednesday, Embiid was feeling spicy and decided to get in on the conversation.

That four-word Tweet was a record-breaking scratch.

Suddenly, parts of NBA Twitter were obsessed with the near-impossible idea that the 76ers would trade the MVP runner-up for one of their biggest rivals in the East.

The logic went something like this: Embiid and Butler are close, and Embiid said it was a mistake for the 76ers (the old management) to let Butler go so they could focus on Ben Simmons. The love between Butler and Embiid is mutual. So Embiid would kind of force his way to Miami.

It doesn’t happen.

Embiid even tried to calm the waters after a while.

Could Embiid get frustrated in a few years and try to work his way up (he has four years left on his contract, the last of those years is a player option). Perhaps. Two years is two lives in the NBA, things change. But nothing is happening yet.

If Embiid is frustrated, it could be tied to this upcoming offseason. Philadelphia general manager Daryl Morey made a big bet, retaining a disgruntled Ben Simmons until he could make a trade for James Harden – who fell short of expectations in his first half season in a 76ers uniform. Now Harden can opt out of his contract and be a free agent, and while he’s almost certainly re-signing with Philadelphia, a max contract is no longer on the table. Will the Harden contract tie the 76ers’ hands in terms of building a team around their stars? Can Harden be the player the 76ers need him to be to wrestle? Or is Harden frustrated with another team and trying to get his way?

The playoffs show Morey has a lot of work to do in Philadelphia. However, this will not include Embiid’s trade to Miami.