Two weeks before a possible lockout

Major League Baseball faces a potential lockout two weeks from today, December 2, 2021, unless owners and players come to a new collective agreement.

If the owners impose a lockout, player travel in the playoffs will be suspended indefinitely (until there is a new employment contract). Information on progress towards a new agreement is scarce. In an article by athleticism By Lindsey Adler and Evan Drellich, the authors report that owners are meeting in Chicago this week with labor relations a hot topic on the agenda.

The owners have a labor policy committee made up of Hal Steinbrenner of the Yankees, Mark Attanasio of the Brewers, Ray Davis of the Rangers, Ron Fowler of the Padres, John Henry of the Red Sox, Dick Monfort of the Rockies and Jim Pohlad of the twins. The composition of this committee is interesting, as five out of seven come from teams from small markets.

This may explain the most recent proposal made by the owners to the players, which appeared to attempt to somewhat equalize the purchasing power between the bigger and smaller clubs. Key principles of the proposal were lowering the competitive equilibrium tax threshold, increasing the tax rate, and implementing a $ 100 million salary floor for all teams.

Hal Steinbrenner, who interestingly backed a proposal that would target the Yankees (among other traditional big spenders) on the proposal development process:

“Every owner of the committee, there are definitely things about the proposal that we didn’t like. I mean, every owner. But we wanted to come up with a proposal that addresses their concerns and come together as a group. And we did. But I mean, specific things – nothing will ever be perfect, in no deal. Any deal.

While players are not at all interested in the owners’ most recent proposal, the salary floor represents an innovation in trying to make teams more competitive, addressing a growing problem in baseball. Additionally, the owners proposed to eliminate arbitrage and start free agency at age 29 and a half. Once again, it is difficult for players to accept these offers.

The game can hardly afford a work stoppage. The offseason is just starting to heat up, with the recent signings of Noah syndergaard, Justin verlander, and Eduardo Rodriguez. In addition, the popularity of baseball is declining among younger people, those who will have the purchasing power in the years to come. Here’s a look at TV ratings from the most recent World and NBA Championships, Sports media watch.

World Series Games 4 and 5) surpassed the corresponding games in the July NBA Finals (Game 4: 5.3, 10.25 million; Game 5: 4.8, 9.62 million). In key young adult demos, Game 4 fell short of the corresponding NBA Finals game in 18-49 (3.5-2.3), 25-54 (3.6-2, 9) and 18-34 (3.2 to 1.5). Game 5 beat its NBA counterpart in 18-49 (3.1-3.0) and 25-54 (4.0-3.4), but trailed 18-34 (2.4-2 , 1).

For the Mets, they can finally begin their planning for 2022 with a new GM soon in the fold, as reported here on MMO. Will Javier Baez Come back? What would you say Marcus Stroman? Should they sign Starling marte, Kris bryant, and or Nick castellanos? These are some of the intriguing questions which can now begin to be answered.

But alas, unless there is a late-round rally in the next couple of weeks, we may have to wait a bit to find out what the Mets will do. If history best predicts the future in baseball labor disputes, it could take some time.

Two weeks before a possible lockout