Washington must sue 3 players by 2022 NBA trade deadline

The Washington Wizards surprised many with their hot start to their 2021-22 campaign despite the appalling shooting efficiency of franchise cornerstone Bradley Beal. Wizards president Tommy Sheppard executed a brilliant offseason rally, acquiring five spinning coins in exchange for talented goaltender Russell Westbrook.

Newly hired head coach Wes Unseld Jr. has implemented his defensive culture and identity in a franchise that has suffered a lot at this end of the field in recent seasons. Their actors have exceeded expectations, such as Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Kuzma and Daniel Gafford. Since they still have a young core, they could acquire a star to complement Beal and convince him to sign another long-term contract extension in Washington.

3 players Wizards must prosecute by NBA trade deadline

Ben simmons

Over the past few seasons, the Wizards have struggled to recruit renowned free agents. But perhaps a swap for a disgruntled Ben Simmons superstar could remedy their previous woes. Beal has shown his ability to thrive even as a secondary ball manager during his time with John Wall and Russell Westbrook, so Simmons could be an improvement over Spencer Dinwiddie or he could even be inserted as a forward in the First Unit. .

When Beal rests briefly, Simmons could lead the attack alongside Harrell, which would make the Wizards a more formidable team who could compete in the same level with the Atlanta Hawks or the Philadelphia 76ers. Additionally, Simmons would be a perfect fit for Unseld Jr’s system due to his defensive versatility and ability to maneuver through a variety of roles. With Simmons in a new environment, he could revolutionize his game and prove that he is still an All Star caliber player.

Domantas sabonis

In a report from The Athletic, the Indiana Pacers have previously expressed interest in holding trade talks for Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis and Caris LeVert. Sabonis could fit into Washington as he is also a secondary facilitator in which Unseld Jr. could also pass his offense through him. Performing dribbling transfers with Beal and Sabonis could be a dangerous combination for their Eastern Conference counterparts.

His salary is a negotiable asset that does not necessarily allow Washington to discharge many of its actors. Rui Hachimura could be moved in this possible deal as he still has high potential although he is not yet ready for a single game this season. The Wizards also have the freedom to give Indiana the ability to choose from some of their players, which other franchises don’t have the ability to offer. Additionally, Sabonis has already proven himself with his two appearances at All Star and as the leader of the Pacers franchise.

Pascal Siakam

It would be brighter to have either Fred VanVleet or OG Anunoby in a Washington Wizards jersey, but it looks like the Toronto Raptors would be more willing to negotiate a deal with Pascal Siakam. His contract isn’t ideal as he will still make nearly $ 110 million over the next three years, but Siakam has already proven to be a secondary star on a championship team.

Washington would like to have more playoff and league experience on his squad with former Los Angeles Lakers playing at an incredible level this season. The Raptors are another organization that will likely move into the rebuilding stage, offering Hachimura, Corey Kispert, salary fillers and plenty of picks that could be enough for Toronto to pull the trigger. Nonetheless, the Raptors also have Anunoby and Scottie Barnes to continue playing the two forward positions despite the possible departure of Siakam.

The Wizards have been impressive this season already, but they’re still missing a piece or two more if they’re serious about considering a deep playoff run. Their scoring prowess is still lacking compared to the powers of their conference like the Milwaukee Bucks or the Brooklyn Nets. Even though the Wizards aren’t in a position to add any notable pieces before the deadline, they still have some young individuals who could be tantalizing in the offseason.

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