Waters Avenue Church Supports and Celebrates the Creative Arts with Zine Fest

Waters Avenue Church supports and celebrates the creative arts.

Known for its progressive approach to Christian teachings, the church encourages freedom of expression and thought outside the box.

On July 6, Waters Avenue will host Tampa’s 7th annual Zine Fest, a gathering of local artists, writers and publishers.

The free event, open to the public, will feature zines (handmade magazines), spoken word poetry, live music and vegan food.

“We are delighted to host Zine Fest because one of our foundational commitments is that the divine can only truly be fully known through diverse human expression,” said Chris Kravitz, pastor of Waters Avenue . “So we try to foster and facilitate forms of creative expression, especially when these creative endeavors are aimed at creating the best possible world for everyone.”

I spoke about the event with Zine Fest event organizer Dezeray Lyn.

Can you tell me more about Zine Fest?

I first attended the Tampa Zine Fest five years ago and it was an amazing demonstration of the local DIY culture. Although places and providers change and change, the same spirit is alive and flourishing. Each annual event is like a mirror, reflecting our social and political atmosphere. A wide range of subjects is expressed through zines, subjects such as art, poetry, graphic novel storytelling, social justice campaigns and anti-oppression struggles, spirituality, comedy, music and even more.

What can people expect from this year’s event?

This year, various grassroots movements are presenting zines featuring information about struggles against poverty in our community, immigrants and environmental justice as well as local artists and writers who have exciting creations to share with the greater Tampa community.

Local spoken word poet Dennis Amadeus will take the stage. Local folk singer Ashleigh Britton Addison and noise musicians Funeral Guy and Dylan Houser will also do so. Tampa’s hugely popular local vegan maker Uncle Mince’s World Famous Seitan will have a pop-up seitan sandwich station. A decades-old editor of two motorsport magazines, David S. Wallens, will be leading a workshop on zine making.

How does Zine Fest reflect the community of Seminole Heights?

The arts are essential in any community. Seminole Heights, while undergoing a gentrification project, is a unique and expressive community whose artists can be felt on the streets, in our local businesses and dining venues, and in our neighborhoods.

Tampa Zine Fest is not a lucrative business. It’s free to sell, free to attend, and is a labor of love for the organizers. Its highlight is a warm and rich experience of the local arts and music scene.

Why choose Waters Avenue Church to host the event?

Waters Avenue Church has a passionate pastor and a passionate congregation who are welcoming, generous and accessible.

This church has opened for a variety of events, from a locally resettled refugee football game to disaster relief efforts, to launching on-site donation supplies directly to Panama City and the Carolinas after hurricanes. Michael and Florence.

When we approached Pastor Chris about organizing the festival, he agreed with a “let’s do it”. The space has a free market and community garden project. The church even has breathtaking works of art on the walls of its sanctuary.

Tampa Zine Fest will be held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 6 at Waters Avenue Church, 609 W Waters Ave. For more information, visit Tampa Zine Fest on Facebook. For more information, a Waters Avenue Church, visit www.watersavenuechurch.com

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