“We are not the weed police”

Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball became a topic of conversation between NBA player Montrezl Harrell and police ahead of his recent drug possession case. Prior to being charged with possession of marijuana, recent video showed Harrell chatting with cops and discussing league matters.

Montrezl Harrell has gained some infamy in the offseason due to his recent drug scandal. After being arrested for possession of three pounds of marijuana, the former Hornets big man found himself in trouble with law enforcement.

Although Harrell and his friends were initially detained on suspicion of possession of marijuana, the two sides engaged in a half-hour discussion about the NBA. A video of this was recently obtained and shared by TMZ Sports.

In the video, Montrezl Harrell can be heard talking about several topics to get an insider’s perspective on the NBA. Harrell was also asked about rising Hornets star LaMelo Ball:

“He’s a cool person. I mean, a regular kid. At the end of the day, people have to understand that he’s a kid. They see the money he makes, you know what I’m saying. .It was never really in as a structural program in its own right.”

At this point, one of the cops also said that LaMelo’s father, LaVar Ball, “screwed him up.” Harrell didn’t necessarily agree with that statement.

Shortly after, the Hornets big man was asked to leave the vehicle in which cops found the bag of marijuana. While Harrell initially denied possession, cops calmed down the player and his friend, saying:

“We are not the weed police.”

Montrezl Harrell spoke with cops for more than half an hour during his weed stoppage in May on all sorts of NBA topics — including LaMelo Ball and free agency — and the whole conversation was captured on police video. tmz.me/S7Sbzu9

Harrell then asked more questions about the league and different aspects of the NBA.

The cops eventually took the bag and put it in their car. They also issued a citation to Harrell and his friend for trafficking marijuana. However, Harrell managed to end the case after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors.

He has agreed to plead guilty and will have his charges reduced and receive parole in 12 months.

Free forward Montrezl Harrell faced felony charges of trafficking marijuana reduced to misdemeanor possession in a Madison County (KY) courthouse today. The charge will be expunged from his record after 12 months if Harrell no longer has any legal issues.

Harrell has faced backlash in the media but will be ready for the league next season. After signing with the Philadelphia 76ers, the big man finds himself playing for a title contender.

What will become of LaMelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets?

LaMelo Ball scans the ground to play
LaMelo Ball scans the ground to play

The Charlotte Hornets must have been quite an exciting team last season. With the electric combination of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges leading the way, the Hornets had the potential to be a solid unit.

However, given the drama surrounding the team this offseason, the Hornets could continue to trend downward. With Bridges facing felony charges and Harrell leaving the team for Philadelphia, Charlotte is a franchise in disarray.

This tragedy strikes at a rather disappointing time considering LaMelo Ball’s position. Since being selected as an All-Star last season, Ball has made tremendous strides in his development as a player. The upcoming season is also the last year of his rookie contract.

LaMelo Ball in his second season: 20.1 PTS7.6 AST6.7 REB1.6 STL43 FG%39 3P%87.2 FT%• NBA All-Star• Youngest player in NBA history with most 200 3-pointers in a season • 5 TD (most in Hornets history) • 1 in 5 players with an average of 20+ PTS, 7+ AST, 6+ REB https://t.co/qUtzACnNVy

At this point, Ball may find himself in a rather stagnant position in Charlotte. While players such as Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward promise to stay, LaMelo Ball may not have much success with the team this season.

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