Wheelchair basketball training camp held in Srinagar

Voluntary Medicare Society (VMS), a non-governmental organization in conjunction with the Wheel Chair Basket Ball Federation (WBFI) hosted a two-day wheelchair basketball practice for para-athletes in Srinagar. Shahid Raza, sports instructor and camp co-organizer, said: “We have organized a two-day wheelchair basketball camp for boys and girls, where we will train them to learn the techniques of the game.”

He added: “In this camp, we had taken costs and some participants are national and international players. At the special coaches camp, para-athletes received training on how to play nationally and internationally.

Ishrat Rasheed, an international player told ANI: “This camp was started because we want to prepare by learning to shoot, to dribble, because we had not played it for several days.” The players showed great enthusiasm for the game.

Shaheen, a wheelchair basketball player, expressing her passion for the sport, said: “I did my post-graduation and also want to play like Ishrat and Insha. I also want to participate nationally and internationally. (ANI)

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