Woj: Lakers ready to trade two first-round picks

The Lakers would remain active in trade negotiations and part ways with his 2027 and 2029 first-round picks in the right deal, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said during an appearance on Sports Center (video link).

Those picks “have a lot of market value” if they’re unprotected, Wojnarowski says. He adds that LA would be willing to give them up in a trade for Kyrie Irvingbut the Nets were not interested.

The Lakers have also engaged in “on and off” talks with the Pacers on Myles Turner and Boyfriend Hieldsources tell Wojnarowski, but LA would not trade the future first two rounders in this deal.

Russell Westbrook should be included in trades with Brooklyn or Indiana to help match salaries.

The Lakers hope to add outside shooting and size before the regular season begins in October, according to Wojnarowski. However, keeping their draft picks gives them room to do something later in the season if a better opportunity presents itself.

Woj also addresses james lebron‘ decision to agree to a contract extension, saying it eases pressure on the front office to immediately complete a deal. He adds that James decided to take the extension after looking at the free agent market in 2023 and not seeing a scenario that he would rather stay with the Lakers.